Mental Health Billing

More and more healthcare providers start using medical billing solutions in an attempt to make their paperwork easier, faster and more accurate. And how could they not, when 75 % of the claims are submitted electronically, and small and big health providers alike confess to the necessity to keep up with technology? The billing provider is responsible for the efficiency of cost calculations, customization, account balances’ availability and financial reports’ accuracy.

Here at Snowden, we use and recommend RPM Billing.

Through RPM you will be able to manage bills electronically and submit claims. They should provide better speed, information transparency, flexibility, security, bill tracking, detailed reports, scheduling resources, printing, scanning, and credit card processing for our patients. Please contact them for assistance with:

Filing claims electronically
Modification and resubmission of previous claims
Charges, payments and adjustments
Issuing patients statements
Issuing financial statistic reports
Data security
Billing services
Processing transactions
Accessible charge balance
Insurance claims

The use of a billing service is thoroughly organized and an accurate and more efficient system than before. RPM Billing eases the administrative burden. This allows our doctors to focus on our patients, the job they were trained to do.