Snowden at Fredericksburg - Psychiatric Associates

Psychiatric Associates

Because of the dedication Snowden at Fredericksburg has to providing the appropriate level of behavioral health care for the community, we work closely with the professionals at Psychiatric Associates, another member of the MediCorp Health System family.

A staggering fact is that one in five American adults suffers from a behavioral health disorder and as many as 3% of all children. So it should come as no surprise that behavioral health problems can be a significant and negative influence in family strife, employee absenteeism and poor performance in school. But the good news is that, according to the National Institute

of Mental Health, about ninety percent of these people will recover or greatly improve by receiving appropriate care from a professional.

Psychiatric Associates offers a complete range of services for adults, senior adults, children and adolescents in professional and comfortable settings. Examples of services include: Psychiatric evaluation and therapy, medication management, psychotherapy for children, adolescents, and adults, marriage counseling, family therapy, abuse and/or trauma therapy, chemical dependency, psychological testing, critical incident debriefing, geriatric care, and treatment issues arising from chronic illness.